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Data Sources



The data source is at the heart of Password Vault Manager for Mac, it is the container that holds all entries.




The data source can be a file or database and you can use multiple data sources at the same time as seen below. It needs to be configured on each workstations.


Data Sources

Data Sources


Open Data Source at Startup


You may assign a data source to open automatically when Password Vault Manager for Mac starts.


On Start up - Last Used Data Source

On Start up - Last Used Data Source




Use default data source

Set the data source that you always want to open at start up.

Last used data source

Open with the last used data source.

Prompt for data source

A message box will open on startup for the data source selection.


Advanced Data Sources




Advanced Data Sources run on an advanced management system, either a Database Management System or our own Online Services.


This allows Password Vault Manager for Mac to support these features:

Offline Mode

Caching Mode

Ping Online Method

Service Type


Data Sources - Advanced

Data Sources - Advanced




Offline mode

Determine if you want to use this data source in . In , the data source can be available in Read Only or in Read/Write mode. Please consult topic for more information.

Prompt for offline mode on startup

Every time you will connect on your data source, you will be prompt to use the data source in offline mode.

Caching mode

Determine how the entries will be reloaded in the data source. See topic for more information.

Ping online method

Indicate the prefer ping online method. Select between:


Web request

Service type

Indicate the prefer Service type. Select between:


Web API Client

Web service client